Story of a Woman The good

She was a woman who was known for a strong powerful prayer, even heart and his love for God Almighty is still doubtful whether he is able to perform the task as a faithful wife and taat.Kisah was cited for our reflection materials together. Hopefully it into our teaching and conviction to death of the husband of a semua.Diceritakan when waliyah named Al Bashriyyah, then Hassan Al Basri and his friends asked permission to go into his house. He let them in and she dropped her veil and sat behind layar.Kemudian Hassan Basri and his friends said: "Behold your husband has died, then choose from the zahid (hater of the world) who you want."
Rabiah said: "Yes, I accept with pleasure and full pernghargaan, but I want to ask you, who is the most intelligent among all until I was going to marry her?" They said: "Hassan Basri." Then Rabiah: "If you can give me an answer about four questions, then I'm willing to be your wife." Hassan Basri said: "Ask me, if God gives me to be able to help answer it, I answered the pertanyaanmua." Then Rabiah said; " How do you answer if I die, I'm out of the natural world in the condition of Muslims or infidels? " Hassan Basri replied: "This is the stuff that vague (no one knows except Allah)." Rabiah said: "How do you answer when I put in place perkuburanku and I were asked by the angels Munkar and Nakir if I can answer them both or not? ' Hassan Basri replied: "It's too vague stuff." Then Rabiah said: "When the man raised on the Day qiamat and scattered human amala records, they are given a note lantassebahagian charity with his right hand and some of them were labeled as charitable with his left hand. Was I given amalku notes with my right hand or my left hand?" Then Hassan Basri replied: "It's too vague stuff." Then Rabiah said: "When invited to qiamat days, some go to heaven and some go to hell, if I include the Host or the people of the Fire?" Hassan Basri replied: "It is also sketchy stuff. "Then Rabiah said:" Is a worry to think about four things (better) have a husband or emptying oneself of husband? "Look at this woman, she was an expert in the world of worship and haters. How is he worried about the end of his life. No worries, except for his clarity of soiling and pervasive ilmunya.Seorang solehah wife is if you make one sin to her husband, then he'll be sorry then. And to win the pleasure of her husband, she cried for several days for fear of the punishment of Allah and he said to her husband, when she saw her husband grieve: "If grief for affairs hereafter, then blessed are you, and if your sadness because the business world, then surely I do not force you to do what you can not afford. "