At this time, a growing number of women who take part in the world of work, living parallel with the men. However, satisfied women? If the ancient times, women's issues is largely a matter of gender, but now has become increasingly complex, as more women are getting an education, even to the bench universities. The problem for women, especially women in Indonesia, is currently developing a multi-dimensional problem.Lack of education, leading to a growing number of women who want to improve the lot of his life with a migrant worker, but the way this turned out to corner the women, because many end up being victims of abuse, rape, and even eventually committed suicide. Women the opportunity to actualize themselves, sometimes fighting against tyranny against a spouse, especially for women who are not independent, and eventually caught the stigma just "sidekick wingking". For women who have been educated, the conflict is to choose whether you want to be a career woman outside the home or choosing to be a housewife? Society itself is not fair, and tend to blame women, if there is a failure in educating children in the household, but the decision to have children is a decision determining both parties.Women are determinant in the decision of the family economyKnowingly or not, although women do not work, household spending decisions in the hands of the economy women. Today is going belaja what, what items are to be used as interior household (sometimes discussed with her husband, however small items such as bed sheets, pillow cases etc are generally decided by the women themselves). In the rubric Cash, in column business consultancy, a questioner had asked businesses what to do? The answer, among others, are associated with women's business. Because it is recognized that at the time the largest segment of the apparel business are women. Let's see a picture of a woman. From the hair of women, there will be business opportunities manufacture and sale of hair care drugs, such as shampoo, vitamins and so her hair. For accessories, can be sold headbands, ribbons and more. Of the face, could be sold: drug facials, skin care services such a full-blooded aura, and a full-blooded face. Neck need lotion to clean and whiten, and jewelry such as necklaces that look attractive neck. You can see another part of the body, legs, hands and so on. This is just an example, how women can create opportunities so many products and services, which could move the family economy.Women as best manAnyone would favor if given the opportunity to work in a team with a beautiful woman, attractive, fragrant, bright and pleasant manner. For a man, be proud if you have a wife who "exhibited", meaning that wives were nice, friendly, interesting, and insightful. In domestic life, cladding his career women, society and husbands, women can still expect to be and do as a wife and a good mother to her children. Thus, the position of women is very heavy, especially for women who want a career outside the home, because women should be able to divide his time for career and household, and no one is harmed.WOMEN and DOUBLE ROLEWomen have been shown to have basic skills in management to manage two at once. As a career woman, women unable to perform its obligations and to be loyal to the company that shelter. Everything is run by professionals. On the other hand women as housewives who had lived within 24 hours with no strings attached. It is proved that the woman is a person who is able to work hard with sincerity and perseverance. It is important for a country. The figure of the nation who are loyal, diligent, honest and encountered very rare nowadays. I think women have such criteria. So, there should be no reason for this country to menganaktirikan women.WOMEN and PEACEUnity of the nation is absolutely necessary. Moreover, those days are now unity is slowly starting to fade along with any kaprahnya of understanding of a democratic society. Democracy is freedom responsibly. It should not cause divisions as in fact now.I AM PROUD TO BE WOMEN INDONESIAIn the end, a woman Indonesia and other Indonesian women will together donate time and energy for the sake of our beloved country. Fighting for the rights of Indonesian women are still oppressed in order to join an active role in building the country. Whatever profession and cultivated fields, Indonesian women still have access to the power and potential to contribute and build this country. A true country fair and has not possessed kebersahajaan other countries.I'm proud to be Indonesian women. I'm proud to be a part of this country. I proudly born and raised in Indonesia.