Mystery of Area 51

Area 51 is the most famous military institution in the world was founded in 1955 and is currently the most difficult to trace its existence, having long been a mystery, Area 51 finally revealed. 5orang who worked there said activity in the super-secret facilities, including storage remake aliens and UFO.

At this location there used to be a lake which then dry up and become a desert. for those who agree with the conspiracy theory as an area for engineers assemble remanufactured Pentagon UFO crashed. It is also pointed out as a storage area Extra Terrestrial (ET) or a strange creature frozen.
But the "Area 51adalah a number of addresses on the old Nevada map. Besides the name Area 51, the location is sometimes referred to by other names such as Paradise Ranch, Dreamland, Home Base, Homey Airport, Groom Lake, and Watertown Strip.

From the first time, no one ever knows for sure the true purpose of the facility. The shadow of secrecy became stronger when in 1958, the U.S. Air Force to buy up to 155 square kilometers of land around the base to prevent civil society mendekat.Kemudian resumed with buy 360 square kilometers in 1984.Tidak only forbidden approaching, the aircraft civilians were forbidden to fly over the area.

Almost all civil servants from among the chosen specifically to work on secret projects. They will be picked up from his house on Monday morning and had brought home again on Friday night next.

With unmarked Boeing climbed their way to Area 51, where they will spend 5 days a week.

The number of employees approximately 1,850 people and earn an adequate salary. by Scripps Howard News Service that analyzed U.S. government payroll records, Area 51 is "One last secret headquarters in the United States".

In the complex there is a flight path up to 3,800 meters long. It's even longer than the longest path in the world of commercial aviation.

In addition, there is also a dormitory complex employee, ammunition and four aircraft hangars. Conspiracy theorists believe that in one of the hangars, which were coded as "Hangar 18", and the plane kept alien corpse from Roswell incident.

At the headquarters also, the best engineers of America be trusted to do the reverse engineering (technology research) against the alien spacecraft.

This belief is so popular that the Interstate Highway 375, the highway that leads to the area it was renamed the "Extraterrestrial Highway".

In addition to the belief in the existence of aliens, some people also believe that under Area 51, there are underground tunnels and trains to secret facilities around the country.
Area 51 has become one of the objects of observation many people in the world, and the question is what they do there. Frequently encountered a group of people were watching the compound from afar. Some of them claim to have seen a plane flying out of the base at a very fast pace, then suddenly stopped in the air.

For years, the U.S. government does not want to confirm the existence of this facility, until one day in 1998, the Russian spy satellites get photos confirmed its existence.

Secret headquarters was indeed there.
Apparently area51 used to test the development of spy planes the United States U-2 Series are newly created. which is capable of flying up to 70,000 feet altitude. During the U-2 had been operating freely fly over the territory of the Soviet Union until the end of the U-2 plane was shot down in 1960. Finally, U-2 are colored black in the 1960's. As for the fool as if the appearance of an unknown celestial body called UFO (Unditified Flying Object), some U-2 was given a shiny silver color. After that then Area 51 continues to grow and is used for the development of a project called Project Black (Black Project) consisting of the Blackbird series aircraft, serial Stealth Fighter and Stealth series Boomber. Blackbird series is a continuation of a series of U-2, which began in 1962 with the design of the type A-12 and SR-71. For example, type SR-71 has reached cruising speed of 3500 km / h with a cruising altitude of 4830 km effectively.

Series Stealth Fighter is a stealth fighter was first designed in the 1970's. The aircraft is very well and fit to operate at night. Type of well-known is the F-117 Nighthawk. Stealth or Stealth Series is an idea that the plane was not detected under the radar. Aircraft cruising speed is around 1040 km / h with good height as far as 2110 km. operations capability has been demonstrated in the Gulf War and was assigned to carry out the targets that have been cooked.

Currently ditujukkan future projects to develop anti-radar technology (Stealth Technology), unmanned surveillance aircraft (UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles) and aircraft (UCAVs, unmanned combat aerial vehicles), allows to surf with high speed cruising area very high, known as the "AURORA". Because these aircraft unmanned, the aircraft is believed to be driven at a very powerful one. In other words, the man himself who is really able to make celestial bodies unidentified. Along with it come up again the idea of ​​developing the X-33 spacecraft that technology has not been tested. But the X-33 spacecraft has been believed to be a version of Aurora that is WHITE (for the sake of peace).

With an advanced research aircraft, also obtained data on the presence of celestial beings to Earth, which is better known as the Alien. Finally we come to the question how likely the existence of aliens in this universe. For that matter, Area 51 has been involved in the investigation of alien technology. According to rumors circulating widely and are believed by many experts, that the Area 51 team has found and secretly investigate UFO wreckage found in the Roswell area, the state of New Mexico, USA, in 1947. While it is not known clear evidence, some outside experts have suspected that Area 51 scientists claimed to have and maintain an alien creature in a very secret place. The claim is reinforced by the recognition of a physicist Bob Lazar, in 1989 that he had worked at one research site located in the south of Area 51 and claimed that Area 51 has been testing aircraft remarkable sophistication and also have to communicate with aliens.

By developing extremely high-energy weapons and activities that are widespread throughout the world. Based on the information widely circulated conspiracy theory activity is done at Groom Lake are located in the vicinity of Area 51. But so far there has not been a definitive scientific explanation to explain the existence of an actual alien.

According to five former employees. Colonel Hugh Slater, 87, is commander of the base Area 51 in the 1960's. Edward Lovick 90 years is a long time expert sujdah test radar for famous aircraft, including the U-2, A-12 Oxcart and F-117.

While Kenneth Collins 80 is a CIA aircraft test pilot. Thornton Barnes Harry Martin 72 years and 77 years is a special project engineer Area 51. Also people are responsible for building spacecraft ½ million gallon monthly supply of fuel for drones.

Collins had the most secret flying out of Area 51 with the code name of the oxcart. The aircraft was manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. When flying over Utah plane began to twist and fall to earth. He survived with a chair thrower. After 46 years of new Collins invited to see the back plane that fell in 2008.

While Lovick is a physicist who developed stealth technology. He said the facility was not always called Area 51. His boss, legendary aircraft maker Clarence L Johnson called it a Paradise Ranch facility for people who want to leave their families and live in the Nevada desert for the sake of science and a fierce fight rogue state

But from some of the stories are of course many more secrets that have not been revealed in Area 51 is that of course is still a myste