How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Tips to Prevent Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer (cervical cancer) is a frightening specter for women. Cervical cancer is preventable, but still, every year more than 11,000 American women are diagnosed with the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. The good news is that cervical cancer can be prevented by:

Get the best examination.

Most cases of cervical cancer caused by HPV infection, a virus that is spread through sensual contact. Approximately 90% of HPV heal itself. But if not, may develop precancerous cells. Pap smear examination is still the standard for the detection of these cells, but several recent studies revealed that screening for HPV may be easier to stop cancer before it starts. If the test result is positive, then the doctor will look more closely at changes in the cervix and lift precancerous cells that may be present.

Eat a fortified breakfast cereals

Eat cereals fortified with folic acid 400 mcg setap day from fortified cereals or bread, or as a supplement can help. Consult your doctor for more details. Prevent cervical cancer as possible.

Eating vegetables exterminator HPV

Women who diet high in vegetables 50% lower risk of suffering long-lasting HPV infections, which also means less likely to develop cervical cancer. Add all kinds of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors into your diet to get the best protection.

Do not smoke

Although most HPV infections disappear on its own without treatment, it is rare in women who smoke. The cause is cigarette smoke weaken the body's defenses. HPV infection lasts longer in women who smoke than those without, and increase the risk of cervical cancer. As far as possible prevent cervical cancer by avoiding smoking.


Your doctor or your health care provider likely recommend that you undergo a pap smear every year or every 3 years depending on your risk factors for cervical cancer. To get accurate results the examination schedule of 10-20 days after the first day of your last menses. Schedule mens reset if you planned on the day of the examination. Do not use foam, cream, or doach vaginal medication for 2 days prior to the examination.

HPV Vaccine

Currently available vaccines for the most dangerous strains of HPV. This vaccine can help prevent cervical cancer. Consult your doctor for more details to get more detailed information about the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.